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Dog Premium Dry Food

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Buy Best Quality Premium Dry Dog Food

Premium dry dog food can provide all the nutritional needs of your beloved dogs with its high variety and complete formulations. This dog food even caters to recently weaned puppies and lactating or pregnant dogs. The cheapest and highest quality premium dry dog food can be purchased online from the Canine Pet shop in Kenya. The best brands of premium dog food, including Jusra, Probono, Veko, TRM, and Kyron, offer a wide range of options for adult dogs, senior dogs, and large or small breed dogs.

Ingredients and Benefits of Premium Dry Dog Food

Selecting the ingredients for premium dry dog food has been a highly professional and challenging task. This is because producing this food requires a complete and nutritious product that can fulfill all the nutritional needs of dogs of all ages, breeds, and physical conditions. Even compatibility with dogs that have allergies or sensitive stomachs has been considered in the formulation of this food. In general, premium dry dog food is formulated from the freshest and highest quality raw materials, which we will introduce below.

Proteins: Animal proteins play a crucial role in premium dry dog food and are the main component of this food. Proteins such as beef, lamb, venison, rabbit, salmon, chicken, and duck contribute to the growth and maintenance of dogs’ muscles.

Carbohydrates: Healthy carbohydrates provide the necessary calories and fiber for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. Various types of premium dry dog food contain different amounts of carbohydrates such as brown rice, barley, quinoa, and sweet potatoes. These carbohydrates not only provide energy to dogs but also contribute to their satiety and aid in digestion due to their high fiber content.

Fats: To enhance the quality of the food, a small amount of healthy fats has been used in premium dry dog food. This food contains healthy and beneficial fats such as fish oil, chicken fat, and flaxseed oil, which are rich in essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. These components are crucial for supporting and protecting dogs’ skin and coats.

Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are essential components in the formulation of premium dry dog food. Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants like blueberries, carrots, broccoli, and peas are included in the formulation to strengthen the immune system of dogs against diseases and infections.

Supplements and Vitamins: One of the reasons that make premium dry dog food a complete nutrition option is the presence of supplements and vitamins such as glucosamine, probiotics, antioxidants, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, D, B, and E. These supplements and vitamins support dogs’ digestive, immune, cardiovascular, skin, muscle, kidney, and liver systems.

Avoidance of Artificial Additives: As everyone knows, artificial additives such as colors, preservatives, and flavor enhancers can cause discomfort and allergies in dogs. The absence of these substances in premium dry dog food prevents various allergies in dogs.


Dogs are the best and most loyal household companions, deserving of abundant attention and care. Additionally, a delicious premium dry dog food greatly pleases these furry friends. These faithful companions deserve this premium food to fulfill all their nutritional needs. The Canine online pet store in Kenya offers the cheapest and healthiest premium dry dog food. Moreover, the store offers other gifts for your friends, including Premium Wet Dog Food, Premium Dog Food Toppers, Premium Human-Grade Dog Food, Premium Dog Mixers & Toppers, and Dog Biscuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is premium dry dog food? 

Premium dry dog food is a highly nutritious and complete blend that takes into consideration the nutritional needs of all dogs, including factors like age, breed, activity level, allergies, and more. Premium dry dog food comes in a wide variety and is a complete meal for dogs. Moreover, it is favored by dog parents as it requires minimal time and effort to serve.

What are the benefits of premium dry dog food? 

Premium dry dog food offers benefits such as supporting growth and muscle maintenance in dogs, promoting dental health, aiding in digestion, caring for dogs’ skin and coat, and supporting heart and liver health.

Is premium dry dog food suitable for all dogs? 

Due to its extensive variety, premium dry dog food is suitable for all types of dogs. Puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, large breed dogs, small breed dogs, lactating dogs, pregnant dogs, and even weaned puppies can benefit from premium dry dog food tailored to their needs.

How much premium dry dog food should I give to my puppy? 

Veterinarians are the best individuals to determine how much premium dry dog food to give to your dog. They can assess your dog’s specific needs and recommend an appropriate amount of food. Additionally, the instructions on the packaging of premium dry dog food can serve as a helpful guide.

What is the best premium dry dog food? 

For purchasing the best and highest quality premium dry dog food in Kenya, you can use the Canine Store online platform with the most affordable prices and a few simple clicks. The store offers the best brands of premium dry dog food.