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For our young heroes who want to reach for the stars: A special growth formula for medium and large breeds. This low-energy recipe with a tailored protein and fat content supports a moderate growth rate, powerful bone development and healthy joints.

  • From 8 weeks onwards
  •  Suitable for heavily-built dogs
  •  Supports cardiovascular functions and skeletal development
  •  Can be fed all the way through to adulthood
  • Complete feed for growing dogs.

    • poultry  protein  (dried)
    • whole grain corn
    • rice
    • beet fibre
    • poultry fat
    • hydrolised poultry protein
    • minerals
    • yeast
    • chicory root (ground, natural source of inulin)
    • dried meat from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus)

Complete feed for growing dogs.

Packaging size: 12.5kg, 4.5kg, 900g

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Package Size

4.5kg, 12.5kg

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