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Cat food

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Buy Cat Food

Cats are lovable and soothing creatures that have found their way into our homes. The primary concern for cat owners is providing proper and suitable nutrition. Regardless of your cat’s age, breed, or specific characteristics, it needs food that supplies the necessary energy for its daily activities and does not pose any harm. The key ingredient in the feline nutritional pyramid is animal meat. Beef, lamb, goat, chicken, fish, birds, and rodents all have a place in the cat’s food basket. As responsible pet parents, we must procure food that is rich in meat sources for these beloved creatures. To buy the highest quality and cheapest cat food online throughout Kenya and in the city of Nairobi, the Canine Pet Store is at your service. Additionally, the store offers the best brands and varieties of cat food.

Cat Food and its Types

Cats are natural hunters and, whenever possible, consume small amounts of food several times a day. They typically feed on mice, small birds, and the meat of other animals. The nutritional needs of cats include protein, amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are found in meat. Therefore, their main food should consist of a substantial amount of meat. Domestic cats also enjoy cooked food containing ingredients other than meat, such as fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and supplements, which are incorporated into their nutritional pyramid. At the Canine Pet Shop, we provide various cat foods that cater to your cat’s preferences and meet all their nutritional requirements.

Wet Cat Food

The main components of wet cat food are meat and water. This is because cats are carnivores, and the ample water content aids in hydrating them. Wet cat food has a strong aroma and taste that entices cats to eat. It should be stored in the refrigerator, and at the Canine Pet Store, we offer different types of wet food for adult cat.

Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food comes in kibble form and various shapes. While it contains similar ingredients to moist cat food, the liquid content is significantly lower. Dry cat food is a complete and popular diet among cats and their owners due to its easy storage conditions, lack of refrigeration requirements, and extended shelf life. We provide high-quality dry food for adult cat at our store.

Premium Cat Food

This type of cat food is formulated with higher-quality ingredients than other foods. It is suitable for cats with specific dietary needs, such as pregnant or lactating cats, offering significant benefits. Premium cat food may be slightly more expensive, but it comes in various forms, including premium wet cat food, super-premium dry cat food, toppers and mixers, and premium grain-free cat food, all available at the Canine Pet Shop.

Veterinary Cat Food

This food is formulated to address certain health issues and sensitivities in cats. Veterinary cat food for treating problems such as skin issues, allergies, and kidney insufficiency, in addition to prescribing medication. It is crucial to purchase this type of food only with the recommendation and diagnosis of a veterinarian, as the nutritional needs of each cat vary. It includes various types, such as urinary tract health, kidney care, and skin and coat care for cats.

Cat Toppers

Cat toppers are flavor enhancers that stimulate cats to eat. They are typically added as dietary supplements to the cat’s regular food. Toppers increase a cat’s appetite, and one of the types available at our store is dry cat food topper.


To ensure that your cat is well-nourished and has consumed a healthy and complete diet, you can purchase cat food with various options at the Canine Pet Shop. Cat food is formulated with the best and highest-quality ingredients for your cat. It comes in various forms, including wet cat food, dry cat food, premium cat food, veterinary cat food, and cat Food toppers, each offering a wide range of choices. For the best and most popular cat food in Kenya and Nairobi at the most affordable prices, you can try the Canine Pet Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I feed my cat?

The nutritional needs of cats vary, and you should be familiar with the age and nutritional requirements of your cat. Generally, kittens, as they are growing, should be fed three or four times a day, while adult cats are typically fed twice a day. For better guidance, consult with a veterinarian.

Can cats be vegetarian?

The digestive system of cats is designed for a carnivorous diet. Meat is the primary food for cats, and their stomach processes and digests meat. Therefore, cats do not have a tendency to eat plants, and a vegetarian diet cannot fulfill their nutritional needs.

Can I feed my cat with dog food?

No, the food for these beloved animals is different, and they also have different nutritional needs. Cats are true carnivores and need to obtain their protein from meat, while dogs can receive essential nutrients from various foods.

What is the best way to store cat food?

To keep cat food healthy, it should be stored in a dry and cool place. Moist cat food needs to be kept in the refrigerator. Dry cat food can be stored on a shelf or in a room, but it is better to keep it in a container to prevent contamination.

What foods are harmful to cats?

Cats are intelligent beings and naturally take care of their health, sniffing anything before eating it. However, as pet parents, it is our duty to take care of their health. Foods such as spicy or smoked items, raw pork or fish, bones, legumes, and sweets are harmful to our cats and should not be given to them.