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Veterinary Dog Food

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Buy The Best and Most Affordable Veterinary Dog Food

Veterinary dog food is formulated with high-quality ingredients for the nutrition of puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, large-bodied breeds, and small-bodied breeds. This dog food differs significantly from economy dog food in terms of ingredients and production methods. The best brands of this dog food are Veko, Kyron, Josera, TRM, and Probono. You can purchase the best and highest-quality veterinary dog food at the cheapest prices from the Canine online pet store. Various types of dog food are available throughout Kenya and the city of Nairobi, conveniently located near you. Therefore, you can provide the best nutrition and diet to your loyal friends.

Veterinary dog food

Veterinary dog food or vet-recommended dog food is a familiar phrase for dog parents and customers of the Canine online store. Separated from normal dog food such as dry dog food, wet dog food, or even raw dog food, another type of dog food is produced and sold with a veterinarian’s prescription. This dog food is frequently used to treat dogs with physical issues. Sometimes it is also prepared for dogs that do not have diseases but are allergic to some food.

Veterinary dog food, like other Canine Pet shops in Kenya. products is produced from the best ingredients. These foods contain components such as meat, chicken, vegetables, proteins, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, fish oil, and many other food and drug additives. Therefore, it is useful to treat dogs affected by diseases or growing puppies and even dogs that are allergic to certain foods such as beef and dairy products that veterinarians prescribe these foods.

Diseases of dog

Puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs suffer from various diseases during their life. Of course, these problems are more for senior dogs. Therefore, in addition to prescribing drugs and vitamins, veterinarians also use veterinary dog food to treat these dogs. Diseases that force veterinarians to prescribe food are as follows:

  • Digestive problems
  • Urinary Tract issues
  • Kidney problem
  • Skin and coat diseases
  • obesity problem
  • Diabet
  • Heart and liver issues
  • Hip and joint issues 
  • Dental problem
  • Aging issues
  • Calming issues
  • Brain disease
  • Allergies

The Canine store in Kenya sells this dog food of the best brands and at the cheapest prices for your dogs. Original brands such as Josera, Purina, Royal Canyon, Pedigree, etc. you can buy the healthiest veterinary dog food online. In addition to the foods recommended by the veterinarian, brain health foods, diabetic foods, and kidney maintenance foods are also available in this store at the best price.


Dogs sometimes need different nutrition due to illness or food allergies, which may vary from their daily diet. Therefore, veterinary dog food has been developed with very rich and high-quality ingredients. In addition to being a complete nutrition for dogs, veterinary dog food also offers numerous therapeutic and supportive benefits. For the purchase of the best veterinary dog food across Kenya, visit the Canine online pet store. Veterinary dog food will be available near you. In the Canine pet store, you can find various types of this food, such as Digestive Health Dog Food, Dog food for Urinary Tract Health, Dog Food for Kidney Care, Dog Food for Weight Control, Diabetic Dog Food, Dog Food for Heart and Liver Care, Dog Food for Aging Care, and Allergy Dog Food, all of the highest quality and at the most affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is veterinary dog food?

this dog food is a food prescribed by a veterinarian. This type of diet consists of proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, and supplements and is needed for dogs suffering from diseases such as urinary problems, old age, teeth and jaws, bones and joints, diabetes, heart, and stomach.

How and where to buy veterinary dog food?

Veterinary dog foods or vet-recommended dog foods are sold only with a veterinarian’s prescription. First, the veterinarian must visit your dog and after diagnosing the dog’s infection, he will provide a prescription. After that, you can buy this food with the best quality and the best price online from the Cnaine Pet Store in Kenya.

What is the method of feeding a dog with a veterinary diet?

As soon as the vet has determined that your dog needs veterinary food You have to prepare it and give it to your dog gradually. In this way first, give the food recommended by the veterinarian along with your dog’s regular food. Then reduce the amount of common food and replace it with this food. This is because your dog does not have digestive problems. Meanwhile, don’t worry about veterinary food because these foods are produced to meet all the nutritional needs of dogs and are a complete food.

Is dry veterinary dog food better or wet?

If you have a specific problem with your dog and your veterinarian has prescribed a specific type of food, but you are unsure whether dry food or wet food is better, it depends on the type of illness your dog has. For example, if your dog has urinary issues and has difficulty urinating, or if they have diabetes, it is better to use wet food. This is because wet food has a high water content, which helps hydrate the dog’s body and is beneficial for kidney and diabetes-related conditions. Similarly, if your dog has dental issues and your veterinarian has recommended food, in this case, wet food is also preferable as it is easier for the dog to chew. However, if your dog has heart disease or allergies, you can use dry food. All of this depends on your dog, your understanding of your dog, and your veterinarian’s prescription.