Josera Senior

KSh 3,638.00

Josera Senior with reduced phosphorus content and a plus of valuable antioxidants is the ideal feed for cats at a mature age, which need special support during this period. Complete feed for older cats.


Ideal for older cats

The reduced level of phosphorus supports the kidney function.

Valuable antioxidants like vitamin C & E and taurine counteract cell-aging.

The careful selection of the best ingredients guarantees high acceptance and best compatibility.

Complete feed for older cats.

Packaging size: 2kg



poultry; rice; greaves; whole grain corn; beet fibre; dried potato; potato protein; hydrolysed poultry protein; minerals; dried poultry liver.


Amount of food Josera Senior to be fed in 24 h

weight amount of food

2 – 3 kg 25 – 35 g

3 – 4 kg 35 – 55 g

4 – 5 kg 55 – 70 g

5 – 7 kg 70 – 90 g

7 – 10 kg 90 – 115 g


Not to be feed to pregnant, nursing or growing cats.

The recommended feed quantities are given per animal per day.

Always provide your cat with fresh drinking water.

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