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Dog biscuits have become incredibly popular among dogs and various dog treats today. While other treats like cookies and snacks also appeal to dogs, biscuits offer something different and can truly delight your furry companion. While they can’t replace regular dog food, they can be considered premium dog food. You can purchase the cheapest and quality dog biscuits online all over Kenya from the Pet Shop in Kenya. These products are prepared in a completely organic and healthy method, and they come in various options such as peanut butter, pumpkin, low-fat, low-calorie, grain-free, and gluten-free. Additionally, these delicious treats are available in packaging sizes of 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, and 10kg for your loyal dogs.

Ingredients in Dog Biscuits

Dog biscuits are completely delicious and attractive treats used to reward and motivate dogs. Pet parents always want to give their dogs the best treats possible. Dog biscuits are formulated with high-quality ingredients, which we will explore below:

  • Flour: The primary ingredient used to make dog biscuits is flour, typically made from wheat or barley.
  • Protein: Natural protein sources like chicken, beef, and fish are used in producing these treats.
  • Fat: Healthy fats, such as vegetable oil and animal fat, are also used in these snacks.
  • Flavoring: Flavorings are crucial for making dog biscuits appealing to dogs. Peanut butter, pumpkin, bacon, and cheese are important flavorings.
  • Preservatives: Natural preservatives are used to extend the shelf life of these products.

Why Dog Biscuits?

Your dogs are sweet and precious companions that always bring joy to your life. These loyal companions can also learn your commands and become friendly playmates for your children. Therefore, it’s essential to show them your appreciation. Dogs love a variety of treats, including biscuits. By giving them these tasty snacks, you can make them happy. Moreover, if you intend to train your beloved dog and provide motivation and excitement, dog biscuits can be used as rewards. These products come in various shapes and sizes to suit different dog breeds and their specific needs.


There is quite an extensive diversity of delicious and diverse dog treats and one of the best and most appealing options is dog biscuits. While they cannot serve as a complete meal for your furry friend, they make excellent snacks and serve as a tasty reward. They come in various ingredients and sizes to cater to different breeds and sizes of dogs, from small breeds to large breeds, puppies, adult dogs, and even senior dogs. You can purchase the best and healthiest dog biscuits online at the most affordable prices from the Canine pet stores. Additionally, premium dry dog food, premium wet dog food, premium dog food toppers, premium human-grade dog food, premium dog mixers and toppers are available in the Canine online pet shop, with the best quality and prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dog biscuit consumption safe for humans? 

Given the ingredients used in making these treats, they are safe for humans and children to eat, but it’s better for humans to avoid eating them.

What are dog biscuits used for? 

Dog biscuits are primarily used to motivate and reward dogs, especially during training sessions when you want to provide encouragement and excitement.

How many biscuits should I give my dog each day? 

The number of biscuits to give your dog depends on their breed and activity level. Large-breed dogs may receive 3 to 4 biscuits a day, while small-breed dogs may receive 1 or 2. It’s essential to consult with a veterinarian for the right guidance.

Can I give dog biscuits to puppies? 

Puppies are totally sensitive, and their teeth and jaws may not be strong enough to handle regular dog biscuits. It’s better to use biscuits specially designed for puppies and monitor them while they eat.

Do dog biscuits contribute to dental health in dogs? 

Dog biscuits have a crunchy texture that encourages dogs to chew thoroughly, helping remove plaque and tartar from their teeth and promoting dental health.

Can dog biscuits be a complete dog food? 

they are made from high-quality ingredients, but they cannot replace a complete and balanced dog food diet. They are best used as a snack or reward for dogs.