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Premium Dog Food

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Buy Best Premium Dog Food

Premium dog food is a high-quality dog food available for sale at the Canine pet store. It is considered one of the best and healthiest options for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. dog food premium is professionally and carefully manufactured, and its key advantage over other types of dog food, such as dry dog food, wet dog food, dog food toppers, and raw dog food, lies in its ingredients. Josera is a top brand in the production of premium dog food, and other eminent brands like TRM, Kyron, Probono, and Veko also contribute to the premium dog food market. At the Canine pet store, you can find these premium dog food products at the best and most affordable prices through online shopping.

Ingredients of the Best Dog Premium Food

Dog premium food contains abundant protein sources that fulfill the protein needs of dogs. It’s worth mentioning that the proteins found in premium dog food come from pure beef, lamb, fish, chicken, and turkey, and under no circumstances are plant-based proteins like soy used in premium food. This advantage is excellent for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies to certain ingredients.

Benefits of Premium Dog Food

Your lovely dogs, to prevent skin and coat diseases, need to consume an adequate amount of healthy and natural fats to supply their body with essential amino acids. Amino acids help dogs maintain healthy skin and shiny fur. In premium dog food, natural fats such as beef and lamb fat, chicken fat, fish oil, or flaxseed oil are used. So, if you have a Rottweiler, Husky, or Poodle breed and use premium dog food, your dog will have healthy skin and coat.

Since the digestive system of dogs requires fiber to avoid digestive issues, premium dog food incorporates fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, apples, and beet pulp, which not only provide the necessary fiber for digestion but also contain natural antioxidants. Beneficial and natural grains like oats and brown rice are also used in premium dog foods, providing ample carbohydrates and fiber. These natural ingredients are highly beneficial for the overall health of dogs, including their kidneys, liver, and heart, and they also have a significant impact on the health of their bones and joints.

In the production of premium dog food, the use of some common ingredients found in other dog foods has been avoided. Kibbles often contain fillers like corn, wheat, soy, and similar substances, which are not utilized in premium dog food. Furthermore, other types of dog food may include artificial preservatives, but premium dog food has the advantage of excluding any artificial preservatives.


Sometimes you decide to feed your loyal dogs with high-quality and nutritious food but you don’t know which choice is better. So we offer you totally healthy and beneficial nutrition. Premium dog food is a remarkably sufficient product which formulated with the best ingredients. You can purchase the most affordable dog premium food in all of Kenya with the highest quality from the Canine online pet store. Additionally, different types of it like Premium Dry Dog Food, Premium Wet Dog Food, Premium Dog Food Toppers, Premium Human-Grade Dog FoodPremium Dog Mixers & Toppers, and Dog Biscuits are presented online, in the Canine Pet shop in Kenya.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dog premium food?

Premium dog food is a high-quality and nutritious diet that meets the needs of all types of dogs, whether they are small or large breeds. It has a significantly higher nutritional value and comes at a higher price compared to other dog foods. The production of premium dog food involves the use of organic and natural ingredients, with no artificial chemicals or non-natural preservatives used in it.

Does premium dog food have more benefits compared to other types of dog food?

Premium dog food has numerous benefits, which have led to its superiority over other dog foods. The use of fresh meats such as beef, lamb, fish, chicken, and turkey in this food makes dogs enjoy it more. Additionally, the absence of wheat, soy, oats, and other fillers that lack significant vitamins and proteins allows dogs to absorb more minerals by consuming premium food.

Does premium dog food cause allergies?

One of the advantages that distinguishes premium dog food from other dog foods is that it avoids using ingredients that can cause allergies in dogs. During the production of premium dog food, natural preservatives are used instead of artificial ones, which can cause allergies in dogs.

What are the benefits of premium dog food for the skin and coat of dogs?

One of the most essential and beneficial components for the health of the skin and the shine of the dog’s coat is natural fats and amino acids. Natural fats, such as those from beef, lamb, chicken, and fish oil, are abundantly used in the production of premium dog food. By consuming premium dog food, dogs provide their skin and coat with the opportunity to absorb sufficient amounts of beneficial fats and amino acids, resulting in improved health and shine.