Josera Denties with Duck & Carrot

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Josera Denties with Duck & Carrot at a glance:

  • High-quality chew snack for adult dogs
  • For your dog’s daily serving of vegetables: with delicious carrot puree.
  • Tooth-friendly star shape penetrates the interdental spaces and can promote oral hygiene, massages the gums.
  • With cellulose: structure can support teeth cleaning.
  • Delicious taste: with savoury duck
  • With dried tapioca: easily digestible carbohydrates
  • Easy to digest grain-free.
  • Made in Germany



Carrots are well-known for containing plenty of vital vitamins. These Josera Denties with Duck & Carrot offer your cat a beneficial serving of these vegetables, in combination with hearty duck. An additional benefit is the star-shaped structure of these treats, which helps to support daily dental care. As your dog chews these tasty sticks, the gums are massaged and plaque can be reduced.
The recipe of these Josera Denties with Duck & Carrot also contains cellulose, which can help to boost the dental care effect. The chew snacks are made in Germany and offer top quality. They are also completely free from grains, making them easy to digest.


Vegetable by-products (dried potato, dried tapioca, cellulose), dried duck protein (14%), carrot puree (4%), hydrolysed poultry protein, minerals.

Feeding recommendation:
Josera Denties with Duck & Carrot is a supplementary food for adult dogs.

Dog’s weight Serving in sticks per day
10kg 0.5
25kg 1.5
35kg 2

Feed in addition to a complete diet.
Be sure to factor treats into your dog’s daily nutritional intake.
Ensure fresh drinking water is always available.

Additional information

Package Size

180g or 7 Denties Sticks


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