Salmon & Potato

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A grainfree pleasure for our chowhounds: Salmon and potato, with herbs and fruits. Due to the low protein and energy content and the moderate mineral content, it is also highly suitable for older dogs.

  • With 19% dried salmon as the only source of animal protein (corresponds to about 65 g of fresh meat per 100 g of dry food)
  • With herbs and fruit (carob, chicory root, raspberries, peppermint, parsley, camomile, rose hip, liquorice, chokeberry, fenugreek seeds, blueberries, marigold and fennel)
  • Also suitable for older dogs

Complete feed for adult dogs

Package size: 12.5kg, 4.5kg, 900g


Complete feed for adult dogs


  • dried potato 51.0 %
  • salmon (dried) 19,0 %
  • poultry fat
  • beet fibre
  • potato protein
  • carob meal
  • hydrolysed fish protein
  • minerals
  • chicory root, ground (natural source of inulin)
  • herbs
  • fruits

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Package Size

4.5kg, 12.5kg

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