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Buy Veterinary Cat Food

Veterinary cat food is another type of cat food formulated with very high-quality and valuable ingredients that have therapeutic properties. Veterinarians prescribe it for the prevention and treatment of diseases. This food offers high variety while maintaining limited ingredients, providing a unique product to address various cat health issues. Purchasing this food is possible with a veterinary prescription. To buy the highest quality and cheapest veterinary cat food in Kenya and Nairobi, you can place an order online at the Canine Pet Store, and we will deliver it to you in the shortest time. The best brands of veterinary cat food are available at the Canine Pet Shop.

What is Vet Cat Food?

Vet cat food is made from limited ingredients and is recommended for the treatment of urinary and kidney diseases, diabetes, heart issues, glucose, overweight, allergies, skin and fur problems, blood pressure, digestive system, and oral care in cats. Veterinarians determine the amount of this food based on the size of the cat’s illness. This food cannot be a regular daily diet for cats and should only be prescribed for specific conditions diagnosed by a veterinarian. Veterinary cat food is available in both dry and wet forms, formulated with high-quality ingredients. It is recommended for kittens, adult cats, and elderly cats of any breed facing diseases and issues.

Types of Veterinary Cat Food

Food production specialists have identified common diseases in cats and formulated veterinary food to treat each one:

Urinary Tract and Kidney: This food contains lower amounts of phosphorus, calcium, sodium, and magnesium to be beneficial for treating urinary and kidney diseases in cats.

Skin and Coat: Harmful ingredients for the skin and coat of cats are not used in this food. Instead, it contains fish oil rich in omega-3 and vitamin E.

Oral Care: Formulated to care for the mouth and teeth of cats, promoting dental and gum health.

Diabetes: Ingredients that worsen diabetes are removed, and substances beneficial for cat protection against this disease are used.

Weight Management: The composition lacks fillers and calories, making it useful for regulating the weight of overweight cats.

Blood Pressure: Ingredients that cause high blood pressure in cats are avoided, and substances that lower blood pressure are increased.

Digestive System: Ingredients that could cause digestive system inefficiency and difficulty in easy digestion are not used. Instead, it contains probiotics beneficial for the stomach.

Allergies: All the cat’s allergenic ingredients are not present in this food, reducing the likelihood of allergies in cats.


If the veterinarian suggests treating your cat with food after examination and diagnosis, do not hesitate. Veterinary cat food is a therapeutic diet used by veterinarians for treating diseases in cats. This food is suitable for various diseases in cats. The Canine Pet Store is at your service for the best and most affordable veterinary cat food in Kenya. Additionally, this store offers the highest quality wet cat food, wet cat food for adult cats, dry cat food, dry cat food for adult cats, premium cat food, premium wet cat food, super-premium dry cat food, mixer, and topper premium, grain-free dry cat food, urinary system health cat food, kidney care cat food, skin and coat health cat food, cat food toppers, and topper grain-free dry cat food at the most competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is veterinary cat food more expensive?

  • Yes, these foods are generally more expensive due to their valuable and medicinal ingredients. However, the positive impact on cat health can reduce medical costs.

Can veterinary cat food be mixed with other cat foods?

  • Veterinarians usually do not recommend combining veterinary food with other foods. However, in special circumstances, they may prescribe it. Any nutrition given to your cat should be under the supervision of a veterinarian.

How long should my cat consume veterinary food?

  • The duration of using veterinary food depends on the conditions and the type of cat’s illness, varying for each case. Follow the veterinarian’s instructions for feeding your cat this food.

Do I need a prescription to buy veterinary cat food?

  • Yes, this is a specialized food with therapeutic properties. You need a prescription from a veterinarian to purchase it.

What is the difference between veterinary cat food and regular cat food?

  • The difference lies in the formulation of veterinary cat food with specific ingredients beneficial for treating cat diseases. In contrast, regular cat food is produced from high-energy materials suitable for healthy cats.

Is veterinary cat food suitable for all cats?

  • This food is formulated with various compositions for treating different cat diseases. If a veterinarian diagnoses a disease in your cat, they may prescribe this food. Each cat has its specific conditions and requires its own special food.