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Dog Pharmacy for Flea & Tick

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Buy The Best and Cheapest Treatment for Fleas and Ticks in Dogs

There are many treatments and medications available for fleas and ticks in dogs, but you should purchase the best, most effective, and cheapest. Canine Dog Pharmacy offers various treatments for flea and tick infestations, both with a veterinarian’s prescription and without a vet’s prescription. They provide these treatments at the best quality and the most affordable prices for dogs of all sizes, from large to small breeds. Don’t worry, you can also request medicine for flea and tick treatment for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs from our pharmacy. Flea and tick medicine comes in various forms, including oral treatments, topical treatments, collars, pills, chewable tablets, anti-flea and tick shampoos, sprays, powder, and more, to battle flea and tick infestations in dogs. Wherever you are in Kenya, flea and tick medication is readily available near you.

Fleas and Tick

Fleas and ticks are tiny parasitic insects that lay eggs on dogs and feed on their blood. They attach themselves to the dog’s skin, bite it with their sharp teeth, and feed on the dog’s blood. The saliva of these insects causes itching, redness, scabs, sensitivity, and skin infections in dogs. Additionally, fleas and ticks can transmit bloodborne diseases to dogs. Furthermore, fleas and ticks contain larvae of a tapeworm known as Dipylidium caninum. When fleas and ticks attach to a dog’s skin and feed on its blood, the area where they attach becomes intensely itchy, leading dogs to scratch the affected skin and ingest the fleas and ticks. Tapeworm larvae attach themselves to the walls of the dog’s intestines, transforming into tapeworms and feeding on the dog’s internal food.

Fleas and ticks hide among animal fur, on grass, in carpets, and virtually anywhere, laying their eggs. These parasites thrive in warm and temperate climates. They are pests that need to be eliminated because they cause significant harm to dogs and other domestic animals and reproduce rapidly. The most effective way to combat fleas and ticks is through continuous cleaning of the dog’s living space and washing the dogs with anti-flea and tick shampoos. But what should you do once your dogs are infested with fleas and ticks?

Types of Medications and Treatments for Fleas and Tick in Dogs

There is a wide variety of medications and treatments available for combating fleas and ticks at Canine Dog online pharmacy, to help protect your precious pets. To provide you with more information and ensure you use flea and tick treatments correctly for the best results, we have categorized flea and tick medicine into two main types: oral treatments and topical treatments. Let’s explore them further.

dog flea and tick oral medication

One of the meds used to treat fleas and ticks in dogs is oral flea and tick medication. Oral medications come in the form of pills, chewables, and liquids. These medications are available with a veterinarian’s prescription, and when dogs ingest them, the anti-flea and tick ingredients are absorbed into their bloodstream. As soon as the fleas bite the dog and ingest its blood, they are killed. This treatment is effective against adult fleas and ticks that are attached to the dog’s skin and feed on its blood but cannot combat flea and tick eggs or larvae.

Topical Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

Topical flea and tick treatment medications are available as drops, sprays, powders, and shampoos and are sold at Canine Dog Pharmacy. According to the veterinarian’s instructions, you should spread these medications to the dog’s skin and specific areas. Topical treatments kill fleas and ticks instantly and eliminate their eggs and larvae. Additionally, they absorb into the dog’s bloodstream through the skin, working similarly to oral treatments.


Fleas and ticks are natural parasites that use dogs as hosts and feed on their blood. These parasites commonly cause skin problems in dogs. Flea and tick medications are the best treatment for these pests, and you can purchase the highest-quality flea and tick meds at the cheapest prices from Canine Dog Pharmacy online throughout Kenya. In addition to flea and tick treatments, Canine Dog Pharmacy offers various other medicines and products for ear & eye care, skin & coat care, Dewormers & Parasiticides & antiungal, heart and blood pressure, heartworm, dental care, vitamins & electrolytes, joint care, pain relief & arthritis, antibiotics, allergy relief, anxiety & calming, gastrointestinal care & digestion, thyroid hormones, incontinence & bladder control, urinary tract & kidneys, bandages, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to give my dog flea and tick medication year-round? 

Fleas and ticks are pests that threaten your faithful dogs year-round. The damage they cause to dogs is dangerous and can sometimes lead to their death. Therefore, dog owners should protect and care for their dogs against fleas and ticks year-round. Both oral and topical flea and tick medications should be used continuously to safeguard dogs against these pests.

Are flea and tick treatment medications harmful or toxic to dogs? 

Many dog owners have complained about their dogs being poisoned by flea and tick treatment medications. These medicines often contain chemical substances that can be toxic to dogs and lead to poisoning. Therefore, flea and tick treatments should be used according to the veterinarian’s prescription, and they should be kept out of the dog’s reach.

What are the types of treatments and prevention methods for fleas and ticks in dogs? 

To prevent fleas and ticks, it is best to keep the living space and your dog clean and be very vigilant. Other flea and tick treatments for dogs include using flea and tick vaccines, oral flea and tick medications, and topical flea and tick treatments.

How long does it take for flea and tick treatments to be effective in dogs? 

This depends on the quality of the flea and tick medication you have used and the extent of your dog’s infestation with fleas and ticks. Additionally, the physical condition and breed of your dog can significantly affect the time it takes for flea and tick treatment to be effective. However, some flea and tick medications can work within a few hours, while others may take several days to show their effectiveness.

What problems do fleas and ticks cause in dogs? 

Fleas and ticks are parasitic insects that are harmful to dogs. Skin problems and allergies are common issues caused by these pests in dogs. They can also transmit bloodborne diseases and tapeworms to dogs, which can sometimes lead to the death of the dogs.