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Buy the best heart and blood pressure medicine for dogs 

It’s not only humans who suffer from heart disease and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, dogs also encounter heart and blood pressure issues during their lifetime and require medication and treatment. Most senior dogs fall victim to these diseases, but puppies and adult dogs can occasionally experience these problems too. Veterinarians are the best people to diagnose these diseases in your dog and prescribe heart and blood pressure medication. When you have a veterinary prescription, you can purchase the best heart and blood pressure medicine all over Kenya and in the city of Nairobi from the Canine online Dog Pharmacy. (dog food)

Heart Disease in Dogs 

When the heart of your beloved dog fails to function properly, causing it to become weak and unable to perform its primary function of pumping blood to all parts of the body, your dog suffers from heart disease or heart failure. Another type of heart failure is heart infection, which is another dangerous heart condition. Diagnosing and treating heart diseases in dogs is very challenging, and veterinarians can identify the presence of cardiac distress through examinations and various tests and begin treatment.

Signs of Heart Failure in Dogs 

Parents should always be vigilant about their puppy and be aware of the signs of heart and blood pressure failure in dogs so that they can take the necessary measures to prevent and treat the disease in their dogs if any of these symptoms are observed. The signs of heart failure in dogs are as follows:

  • Coughing during rest and sleep
  • Excessive panting
  • Swollen abdomen in dogs
  • Gum discoloration or a change to a bluish color
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss and muscle wasting
  • Lethargy and listlessness
  • Fainting
  • Vomiting
  • Tilting of the head
  • Change in voice and breathing pattern
  • Seizures

Heart Disease Medication and Treatment in Dogs 

Anytime you observe one or more of these symptoms of heart failure in your precious dog, you must act promptly and definitely take your dog to the veterinarian. The veterinarian can diagnose the presence of heart disease in your furry friend using physical examinations and blood tests. Typically, veterinarians write prescriptions for treating this disease, and the medications used for heart failure treatment include PetMedin, Digoxin, diuretics, and vasodilators.

10 Dog Breeds with the Highest Susceptibility to Heart Disease 

All dogs can develop heart diseases. Still, some breeds are more susceptible to heart diseases for various reasons. We introduce them to you:

  • Boston Terrier
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Chihuahua
  • Fox Terrier
  • Miniature Pinscher
  • Miniature Poodle
  • Afghan Hound
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Boxer
  • Dalmatian
  • Doberman Pinscher

High Blood Pressure in Dogs 

High blood pressure can affect the lives of these furry friends. High blood pressure can lead dogs to develop heart diseases. The normal blood pressure for dogs is higher than that of humans. To measure the blood pressure of dogs, you need an inflatable cuff, but for an accurate measurement, it should be done by a veterinarian, along with blood tests. Veterinarians use blood pressure medications for treatment once the disease is diagnosed.

Causes of High Blood Pressure in Dogs 

There are reasons and diseases that are the main causes of high blood pressure in dogs. Dog parents can never diagnose these diseases on their own, and only veterinarians can identify the presence of these diseases in dogs through examinations and blood tests. These reasons and diseases are as follows:

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Adrenal gland tumors
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Thyroid overactivity
  • Excessive production of red blood cells
  • Overproduction of growth hormone

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure in Dogs 

Some symptoms indicate that a dog has developed high blood pressure and needs treatment. However, diagnosing high blood pressure by observing these symptoms is very difficult, and only a veterinarian can handle it. The symptoms of high blood pressure in dogs are as follows:

  • Seizures
  • Behavioral changes in dogs
  • Circling
  • Sudden blindness
  • Blood in the eye
  • Palpable thyroid gland
  • Presence of blood in the urine


 Dogs are very active and energetic beings. Their favorite activities include playing and running. However, sometimes diseases make them lose their energy. Heart disease and high blood pressure are some of the problems that affect their lives. Parents and veterinarians should quickly diagnose the presence of these diseases and use medications to treat their dogs. You can obtain the best heart and blood pressure medication in Kenya and Nairobi from the online Canine pet pharmacy. In addition to heart and blood pressure medications, it also provides eye and ear care, skin and coat care, heartworm, dental care, vitamins and electrolytes, joint care, pain relief and arthritis, antibiotics, allergy relief, anxiety and calming, gastrointestinal care and digestion, urinary and kidney care, Thyroid and Hormone, Incontinence and Bladder Control, and bandages.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What factors cause high blood pressure in dogs? 

Some diseases cause high blood pressure in dogs. Veterinarians can diagnose these diseases through blood tests. These diseases include chronic kidney disease, adrenal gland tumors, Cushing’s disease, thyroid overactivity, overproduction of red blood cells, and overproduction of growth hormone.

How can you measure the blood pressure of dogs? 

The blood pressure of dogs is measured at home using an inflatable cuff attached to the dog’s leg or tail. However, this method is not very accurate, and for precise measurements, you should take your dog to the veterinarian.

What is the best medicine for treating heart disease? 

The best medicine for treating heart disease in dogs is Vetmedin. This medicine should be given to the dog under the veterinarian’s prescription.

What are the signs of heart failure in dogs? 

Dogs show signs of heart failure when they have heart diseases. These signs include coughing during rest and sleep, excessive panting, a swollen abdomen, gum discoloration or a bluish color, loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy, fainting, vomiting, tilting of the head, change in voice and breathing pattern, and seizures.