The Horse and Pet Health South Africa we are always surprised how little thought seems to go into a lot of natural products.

Even for humans, when there is proper, valid scientific research. When it shows that a natural ingredient has a profound positive effect on a condition, there are few supplement companies that utilize this knowledge.

Unique formulations

Our supplements contain herbs that you might never have heard of before, particularly those from the African continent. We have incorporated them, because they have been scientifically tested to be extremely effective.

A different approach

The other thing that makes us stand out is that we use many individual ingredients in our products. Unlike most manufacturers who use fewer in higher amounts.

Believing that, in nature, a single molecule is unlikely to solve what is nearly always a complex problem.  We prefer to use moderate amounts of many different ingredients which all work, each in their own way, towards the same goal. And so, having found this multi-pronged approach to be extremely effective.

Researched continually

Because the Horse and Pet Health is a relatively small company, we are agile and quick to respond to changes. If there is new research, we will be reading it and, if we think it is worth it, updating our product. We really do want to be the best and we work very hard towards this.


A natural substance must be more than just effective to be included in our formulations. It must be safe to the animal as well. For this reason we use only reputable suppliers with whom we have had a long-term relationship. Our products undergo the rigorous testing and meet all of the requirements of our regulatory bodies.