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Diabetic Dog Food

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Diabetic dog food has been formulated to control and combat the disease of diabetes in dogs. The best brands producing dog diabetic food include Josera, Veko, Kyron, T.R.M., and Probono. Typically, adult and senior dogs are prone to diabetes and should be fed diabetic dog food under the supervision of a veterinarian. The best and healthiest diabetic dog food in Kenya, particularly in Nairobi, can be purchased online from the Canine Pet Store in Kenya at the cheapest prices. This veterinary dog food is produced in various formulations, suitable for both small and large breed dogs. This kind of dog food is a complete and nutritious food for dogs with diabetes. 

What is dog Diabetes?

The food that dogs consume provides energy and calories, which are absorbed and enter the bloodstream as glucose, a type of sugar. Glucose supplies energy to all cells and tissues in the body. A hormone called insulin carries glucose to all parts of the body. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas. If insulin is not secreted and glucose accumulates in the blood, the dog develops diabetes. Diabetes is a degenerative disease that gradually debilitates the affected dog, so it must be quickly identified and controlled.

Signs of Diabetes in Dogs

Pet owners should always monitor their valuable pets for signs of diabetes so that they can quickly detect it if it develops. The sooner diabetes is diagnosed and the dog is taken to a veterinarian for treatment, the more manageable and easier it becomes. Additionally, the dog will have a longer and happier life. Signs that parents should watch for and be suspicious of in their dogs include excessive thirst and drinking, excessive urination, a sweet smell in the dog’s urine, weight loss, weakening eyesight, and skin infections. One of the key treatment steps recommended by veterinarians is feeding the dog with diabetic food.

Dog Diabetic Food 

dog diabetic food is one of the most effective measures for controlling diabetes in dogs and is highly beneficial and necessary. Diabetic dog food provides balanced energy and calories to dogs while containing minimal carbohydrates and fats. Diabetic dog food formulations use high-quality, low-fat protein sources such as lean beef, fat-free chicken, fish, and turkey to ensure protein sources for the growth and maintenance of the dog’s muscles. Additionally, non-starchy, low-glycemic vegetables are used to minimize their impact on blood sugar, including cabbage, green beans, spinach, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

Fibers play a crucial role in diabetic dog food as they occupy more space in the stomach and intestines, leading to a feeling of fullness in dogs. Furthermore, fiber has a positive effect on diabetes by slowing down the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. Useful fibers in diabetic dog food include pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Grains with higher fiber content such as brown rice and quinoa are also included in the formulation of diabetic dog food. All these components work together to make diabetic dog food a beneficial diet for diabetic dogs.


Diabetes is prevalent among many dogs and usually becomes apparent from the age of 7. Diabetes leads to symptoms such as skin infections, excessive thirst, frequent urination, and a sweet smell in the urine. Veterinarians can identify diabetes in dogs through examination and blood tests. One of the most effective factors in controlling and treating diabetes is the diet of diabetic dogs, which has a positive impact on diabetes management. The best-quality diabetic dog food is available for purchase at the Canine pet store, both diabetic food and other types such as Digestive Health Dog Food, Dog food for Urinary Tract Health, Dog Food for Kidney Care, Dog Food for Weight ControlDog Food for Heart and Liver Care, Dog Food for Aging Care, and Allergy Dog Food, all at the most affordable prices and highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is diabetic dog food? 

Diabetic dog food is a type of veterinary diet that is highly beneficial for dogs suffering from diabetes. It contains low-fat protein, low-glycemic vegetables, fiber, and high-fiber grains. Diabetic dog food should be given to diabetic dogs under the guidance of a veterinarian since each dog’s physical condition is unique.

What should I avoid feeding diabetic dogs? 

The best food to provide to diabetic dogs is diabetic dog food. The worst food to give to diabetic dogs, which worsens the condition of diabetes, includes various types of sugars and sweets. Parents should never feed their dog’s sweet treats.

what age do dogs commonly get diabetes, and what are its symptoms? 

Diabetes can affect any dog and make them ill. Dogs usually develop diabetes from the age of 7. Symptoms of diabetes in dogs include weight loss, excessive thirst, increased urination, sweet-smelling urine, and skin infections.

What should I feed a dog with diabetes? 

Dogs suffering from diabetes should be placed under the complete care of a veterinarian, and the veterinarian should decide on their nutrition. The best food for dogs with diabetes is a low-calorie, low-fat, high-fiber diet without sugars, known as diabetic dog food.

Where can I buy the best diabetic dog food? 

Diabetic dog food comes in a variety of types, and you should purchase healthy and beneficial food for your beloved dog with the guidance and approval of a veterinarian. The best-quality diabetic dog food can easily be purchased online from the Canine pet store in Kenya at the cheapest prices.