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Dog Food Toppers

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Dog food toppers are a delightful supplement for dogs. They entice your dog to finish their dog food with even more enthusiasm. The best brans which produce this product are Kyron, Josera, TRM, Probono and Veko. you can buy the cheapest and healthiest dog food toppers in Kenya online, in the Canine pet store. This product is sufficient for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs. Toppers are available for use by all dogs, including Huskies, German Shepherds, Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, and small breeds, and they come in various forms such as powder, liquid, frozen, raw, and more.

Advantages of Dog Food Toppers

Moreover, toppers are made of nutritious ingredients such as meat, fish, fish oil, chicken, vitamins, vegetables, and fruits, providing your dog with complete nutrition and energy. If your dog becomes tired and disinterested in their daily food, you can make it more appealing by adding a dog food topper. As a result, you will notice that your dog will eat their food with more enthusiasm and eagerness. 

All Types of Dog Food Toppers 

Furthermore, they are designed for dogs with various health conditions, such as sensitive stomachs, allergies, urinary issues, dental problems, overweight, diabetes,  and other diseases. Additionally, the best and healthiest dog food toppers are available in diverse varieties, including grain-free, low-protein, high-protein, chicken-free, and low-calorie options, all offered at the Canine Store with the best quality and most affordable prices. You can conveniently make your purchase online.


The Canine Pet Shop in Kenya. prioritizes the well-being of puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. Althogh offers the highest quality and best brands of dry dog food toppers at the most competitive prices through shopping. Brands such as Josera, TRM, Kyron, Probono, and Veko are available in the online store, providing not only dog food toppers but also dry dog food, wet dog food, veterinary dog food, and various other products to cater to customers’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dog food toppers? 

Dog food toppers are actually supplements and enhancers in the form of frozen, powdered, sauced, meat, and other variations that make dog food more delicious. As a result, by adding these toppers to dry or wet food dog food, dogs eat their meals with more willingness and are encouraged to finish their meals. Besides enhancing the taste of the food, toppers also have nutritional benefits. The ingredients used in toppers are highly nourishing and compensate for any nutritional deficiencies in dogs.

Is dog food toppers necessary for dogs? 

In fact, the use of dog food toppers is not necessary and it depends on the dog’s owners as well as the way dogs eat. If you have noticed that your dog is eating less or showing disinterest in its food, you can use food toppers. Food toppers make the food more palatable and encourage dogs to regain their appetite. Additionally, dog food toppers contain nutritious ingredients and are highly beneficial for dogs.

What are the best dog food toppers? 

The best dog food toppers include meat, broth, fish, fish oil, fruits, vegetables, sauces, and flavor enhancers from brands such as Josera, TRM, Kyron, Probono, and Veko. You can purchase these toppers at the online store Canine at the best and most affordable prices.

Are dog food toppers good for all dogs and all breeds?

Dog food toppers are an excellent supplement for dog food and offer many benefits. Dogs enjoy eating their food mixed with toppers, and as a result, they derive great pleasure from it. Therefore, it can be said that all puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, large-bodied dogs, small-bodied dogs, German Shepherds, Huskies, Bulldogs, Great Danes, Chihuahuas, and all types of dogs can easily use dog food toppers. However, you should be careful to choose and purchase the right topper in cases where your dog has any sensitivities.