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Allergies are a common issue among dogs. Allergies to various things can cause our furry friends to feel uncomfortable. As responsible pet parents, we should always prioritize their health. If you notice any signs of allergies in your dog, you should take them to a veterinarian to diagnose the allergy and prescribe relief medication. Alternatively, you can use over-the-counter medications without a prescription. For buying the best and cheapest dog allergy relief medication in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, the Canine Dog Pharmacy is at your service.(dog food)

Allergies in Dogs

Sometimes, a dog’s immune system reacts to external stimuli such as dust, food, medications, insect bites, and chemicals. These reactions often display as redness, hives, itching, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, and vomiting. These reactions in dogs are called allergies. Allergies are not life-threatening, but they can be very discomforting and lead to secondary health issues. Treating allergies in dogs is a specialized field and should be done under the guidance of a veterinarian.

Dogs Prone to Allergies

Dogs come in various breeds and sizes. Some are small, some are large, and others are of medium size. They all have different physiologies and immune system responses. Some breeds have weaker immune systems, making them more susceptible to allergies. Boston Terriers, Boxers, Chinese Shar-Peis, Dalmatians, Fox Terriers, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Lhasa Apsos, Scottish Terriers, Shih Tzus, and West Highland White Terriers are breeds prone to allergies and have lower resistance to them.

Dog Allergy Relief Medications

Many dogs suffer from allergies, and you may wonder what to do to help them. There are various medications available to provide relief from allergies. Your veterinarian will examine your dog and determine the type of allergy they have, then prescribe the appropriate medication. Here are some common allergy relief medications:

Cetirizine: This is an antihistamine produced in tablet and chewable form, and it is very effective for various types of dog allergy relief.

Cyproheptadine: A highly useful and potent medication for allergy relief, usually given to dogs for treating atopic allergies and asthma.

Hydroxyzine: A very strong antihistamine used to treat mosquito bite dermatitis, atopy, and hives. This medication is available in tablet and capsule forms, and veterinarians prescribe it for dogs.

Cyclosporine: This medication is available in tablet and capsule forms and is usually used to treat allergies triggered by immune system reactions, especially those affecting the skin. It is also very useful for relieving allergies caused by airborne dust.

Apoquel: This medication comes in tablet form and is prescribed for relieving severe skin itching allergies in dogs.

Cytopoint: An ampoule for allergy relief in dogs that is administered by injection. This medication is suitable for relieving skin allergies.

Benadryl: This medication contains diphenhydramine and requires a veterinarian’s prescription. It is used to treat itching in dogs.

Prednisolone: This medication is available in various forms, including tablets, capsules, syrups, and ampoules, and it is prescribed to treat various types of allergies. The sale of this allergy relief medication requires a veterinarian’s prescription.


Allergies are common among dogs, but some breeds are more prone to them. Allergies can cause discomfort, including itching, hair loss, runny noses, diarrhea, and vomiting in dogs. To treat your dog’s allergies, consult a veterinarian to diagnose and prescribe the appropriate allergy relief medication. For purchasing the best and highest-quality allergy relief medication in Kenya and Nairobi at the lowest prices, consider using the Canine Dog Pharmacy. They offer a range of medications and pet care products, from flea and tick, eye and ear care, skin and coat care, dental care, electrolytes and vitamins, joint care, pain relief, antibiotics, anxiety and calming, gastrointestinal care & digestion, thyroid and hormonal treatments, incontinence and bladder control, urinary tract and kidney, and bandages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is allergy in dogs? 

Dogs’ immune systems react to various external threats. Airborne dust, certain foods, chemicals, insects, and similar factors can trigger and threaten a dog’s immune system, leading to reactions such as itching, hair loss, sneezing, runny nose, diarrhea, and other such responses. These reactions in dogs are called allergies. Allergies in dogs are not dangerous but can cause discomfort. Allergy relief medications should be used to treat them.

Which dog breed is more susceptible to allergies? 

Dogs are exposed to allergies from a few months to several years old. However, some dogs show greater resistance to various types of allergies, which eases the concerns of their parents. On the other hand, certain breeds such as Boston Terriers, Boxers, Chinese Shar-Peis, Dalmatians, Fox Terriers, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Lhasa Apsos, Scottish Terriers, Shih Tzus, and West Highland White Terriers are more susceptible to allergies and have less resistance to them.

Are human allergy medications suitable for dogs? 

At first glance, allergy medications for humans and dogs may appear similar. Even the names of these allergy relief medications are the same. However, veterinarians believe that human allergy relief medications should not be given to dogs because the type and dosage of these medications differ and can harm dogs.

Are dog allergy relief medications harmful to dogs? 

If medications are purchased with a proper diagnosis and prescription from a veterinarian, there will be no harm to dogs. However, if parents accidentally administer human allergy relief medication to dogs, it can be harmful to them.

What medication should I give to relieve my dog’s allergies? 

There are different allergy relief medications available for dogs. However, determining which medication to give to your dog requires a veterinarian’s prescription. Most dog allergy relief medications contain antihistamines and diphenhydramine, which are anti-allergy substances. Some of the best and most popular dog allergy relief medications include prednisolone, benadryl, cytopoint, Apoquel, cephalexin, hydroxyzine, cyproheptadine, and cetirizine.