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Wet Cat Food

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Cats are the most successful creatures on Earth in terms of survival and have thrived in various climatic conditions. These intelligent and adorable animals have also found their way into our homes. Although domesticated, their primary diet remains animal meat. One of the various types of cat food is a delicious and high-quality option called wet cat food. Wet cat food provides complete nutrition for both adult and kitten cats, and they enjoy consuming it. It contains animal meat, sufficient water, and other essential minerals and vitamins for cats. You can find the best brands of wet cat food from our online store. Whether you are in any part of Kenya or the city of Nairobi, you can conveniently buy the best and cheapest wet cat food online from the Canine Pet Store.

Wet Cat Food and its Ingredients

This food is produced and packaged in canned form, allowing it to be used over one or several days. As a cat owner, you can always feed your cat with wet food as it is very nutritious and complete. It includes various types of meat and fish in its composition.

Additionally, it holds essential minerals and vitamins for the well-being of cats. While avoiding the use of colors, flavor enhancers, and chemical preservatives, this food has a high moisture content, providing a complete meal for your beloved cat.

Benefits of Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food offers advantages over other cat foods, making it more popular among cats.

High Protein Content: The primary source of a cat’s diet is meat, and wet cat food uses various types of animal meat, making it rich in protein. This is an important advantage that makes it nutritious and special for cats. 

Low Carbohydrates and Calories: Cats are not fond of carbohydrates, and these can lead to weight gain. Wet cat food contains minimal carbohydrates and low calories to prevent weight issues.

High Moisture Content: Cats prefer obtaining the necessary water from their food and are not keen on drinking water separately. The high moisture content in wet cat food aids in easy digestion and ensures hydration for cats.


Wet cat food is one of the best nutrition options for cats and kittens of any breed. This canned product, which should be stored in the refrigerator, has numerous benefits, with its main features being abundant meat and water. Veterinarians strongly recommend feeding cats with wet food. You can purchase the best and highest-quality wet cat food online from the Canine Pet Shop, regardless of location in Kenya or Nairobi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is wet cat food a complete nutrition for cats?

Cats highly favor wet cat food due to its enticing scent and flavor. It contains meat, the main component in the diet of cats, as well as the necessary minerals and vitamins. Abundant water is also added to aid in the hydration of cats. Therefore, it can be said that wet cat food is a complete and nutritious diet for them.

Should wet cat food be stored in the refrigerator?

Wet cat food is produced in canned form, and due to the process involved, it needs to be stored in a cool environment such as the refrigerator. However, if the can is unopened, it has a long shelf life. Once opened, it is necessary to refrigerate to prevent spoilage.

How much wet cat food should I feed my cat?

The amount of food to feed your cat depends on its size and age, as each cat has specific nutritional needs. To determine the appropriate amount, it is advisable to seek assistance and guidance from a veterinarian.

Is wet cat food better than dry food?

It cannot be definitively stated whether wet or dry cat food is better, as each has its advantages and disadvantages. Wet cat food has higher moisture content and a better scent and flavor. On the other hand, dry cat food has a much longer shelf life. Choosing the suitable food depends on the specific conditions of your cat. Additionally, mixing both types of food can be a good idea.