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Premium Cat Food Toppers & Mixers

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Buy Premium Cat Food Topper and mixer

Sometimes, your cat may refuse to eat its daily cat food for various reasons such as illness, allergies, or the repetitive taste of its food. This is concerning because nutrition is crucial for cats, impacting their growth and overall health. In recent years, a new product in the premium cat food category has been introduced to the market that helps stimulate your beloved cat’s appetite. This product comes in a variety of dry and wet forms. To buy the best and cheapest premium cat food topper and mixer online across Kenya, you can place an order at the Canine Pet Store, and we will quickly deliver it to you. The best brands of premium cat food toppers and mixers suitable for kittens, adult cats, and senior cats of any breed are available in our store.

 Premium Cat Food Topper & Mixer

This is a new and highly practical product. No cat can easily resist its pleasing and powerful taste and smell. If your cat is picky about cat food, you should try this product. Premium cat food topper and mixer is not a complete nutrition to meet all the nourishing needs of your cat, but it is a fantastically savory and nutritious flavor enhancer with various forms such as spice, sauce, meat broth, puree, kibble, or additives. You should pour it over your cat’s food to enhance its appeal. This product has a wide variety and is recommended by veterinarians for the treatment of some diseases. For example, if your cat has skin and coat problems, the veterinarian recommends a topper rich in Omega-3.

Ingredients of  Premium Cat Food Toppers & Mixers

Surely, on the shelves of grocery stores, you have seen various sauces, each with a different taste, and people choose their favorite sauce based on their preferences. Premium cat food topper and mixers is the same, with a wide variety, so numerous ingredients have been used in its production.

Meats: The ingredients of this product include meats such as beef, chicken, duck, quail, rabbit, turkey, and various types of fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, white fish, and various types of shrimp.

Meat Broth: One of the favorite ingredients for cats and useful for food digestion is meat broth. In toppers, the meat broth of all animals whose meat is used in its production is present.

Fruits and Vegetables: Cats are generally carnivores, but the toppers include plants such as pumpkin and broccoli.

Supplements: As mentioned, veterinarians use toppers for the treatment of certain diseases and to support the immune system of cats. Therefore, various supplements, vitamins, and minerals have been used in their ingredients.


Premium cat food topper and mixers is a type of sauce and tasty flavor enhancer rich in nutrients that are added to cat nutrition to stimulate their appetite. This product is not an entire food on its own, but it is a highly effective topper and mixer. A unique topper has been produced for every cat with any age, physical condition, breed, and activity level. Toppers are usually in the form of kibble, meat broth, sauce, puree, and spices. For the purchase of the highest quality premium cat food topper and mixer online in Kenya and Nairobi at the most affordable price, you can place your order at the Canine Pet Shop. In addition, in our store, the healthiest wet cat food, wet cat food for adult cats, dry cat food, dry cat food for adult cats, premium cat food, super premium dry cat food, grain-free dry cat food, veterinary cat food, urinary system health cat food, kidney care cat food, skin and coat health cat food, cat food toppers, and dry cat food toppers are available for your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the premium cat food topper and mixer be a complete food?

It should be noted that although this product is formulated with nutritious and quality ingredients and can be a good snack for your cat, it cannot be a complete meal. You should feed your cat with a complete and healthy diet and use this product as a flavor enhancer and sauce.

Does the premium cat food topper and mixer increase my cat’s appetite?

One of the goals of producing this product is to increase the desire to eat and the appetite of cats. Ingredients used in this product attract any cat and make even the pickiest cats eat their food.

In what forms does the premium cat food topper and mixer come?

This product is very diverse and designed for use by all cats. This means that if your cat is of any breed, any age, and has any disease or preference, you can buy a special topper for it. For example,grain-free, without chicken, dry, wet, and with fish premium cat food topper and mixer is available, and they also come in forms such as kibble, meat broth, sauce, puree, spices, and powder.

Where can I buy the best premium cat food topper and mixer?

You can buy the best and highest quality premium cat food toppers and mixers online with just one click anywhere in Kenya or Nairobi. Choose the Canine Pet Store, place an order, and we will deliver this product to you at the lowest price.