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Buy Cats Flea and Tick Medicine 

One of the serious diseases and problems that can afflict cats is the invasion of fleas and ticks. Insects that come from the external environment, such as plants, soil, other animals, carpets, furniture, blankets, and household items, attach to cats. These insects initially cause skin diseases, and if not treated and eradicated, they lead to infections and secondary problems. To eliminate fleas and ticks, oral and topical medications such as tablets, chewable, powders, sprays, ointments, drops, solutions, shampoos, and tick collars are used. After diagnosis and prescription by a veterinarian, you can buy the most powerful and cheapest cat flea and tick medicine online from anywhere in Kenya through the Canine Cats Pharmacy. The best brands of flea and tick medicine are available in this pharmacy.

What are Flea and Ticks?

Flea and ticks are very tiny insects that are barely visible to the naked eye. These insects are dark brown and black and reproduce quickly. They jump onto the skin of cats from the surrounding environment, such as plants, soil, and other animals, feeding on cats like parasites, sucking their blood. Additionally, through the saliva of these insects, larvae enter the bloodstream of cats, later transforming into worms. Fleas and ticks reproduce on the skin of cats and multiply rapidly. These organisms cause skin diseases in cats, so it is essential to diagnose and clear them as soon as possible.

Medicines and treatments for Fleas and Ticks in cats

Veterinarians, upon observing the presence of fleas and ticks on the skin of cats, start cleaning and treating affected cats. However, veterinarians consider preventing these creatures in cats as the best approach and always recommend the use of preventive treatments. The best brands that have produced fleas and tick medications include Frontline, Advantage, Broadline, Bayopet, Effipro, Flevox, Zodiac, Seresto, Wondercide, Adams, and various types of medications. Preventive and treatment medications for fleas and ticks come in various forms, as discussed below.


Oral medications: As the name suggests, these medications need to be ingested, to prevent fleas and ticks. Tablets, capsules, and chewables are examples of oral medications given to cats for prevention and treatment.

Topical medications: These medications are applied to the skin and coat of cats, eliminating fleas and ticks. Ointments, creams, gels, drops, sprays, powders, and shampoos are various forms of topical medications used for prevention and treatment.

Collars and combing: Another way to combat these creatures is by using a comb regularly, which helps clean the cat’s skin and fur from these parasites. The use of a tick collar is also very common and suitable for eliminating these pests.


Fleas and ticks are parasitic organisms that attack our beloved cats. These organisms are present in the surrounding environment and on other animals, transferring to our cats and feeding on their blood. The bites of these organisms lead to skin diseases, infections, worms, and secondary diseases. Therefore, under the supervision of a veterinarian, they must be dealt with. For the purchase of the highest quality fleas and tick medicine online throughout Kenya, you can use the services of the Canine Cat Pharmacy. In this pharmacy, you can also buy the most powerful medicines for Eye and Ear care, Skin and Coat care, Dewormers & Parasiticides & Antifungal, Heartworm, Vitamins and Electrolytes, Gastrointestinal Care & Digestion, Joint care, and Bandages at the most affordable prices in all over Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a fleas and ticks collar for cats work?

fleas and tick collars work by releasing an anti-tick chemical onto the sebaceous glands, follicles of the neck, and the upper part of the cat’s back. These products, containing fleas and ticks repellent substances, continuously protect the cat for about 8 months.

Is the use of fleas and tick medications harmful to cats?

These medications are produced in a way that does not harm cats and does not cause any damage. However, if you have a cat with sensitivities or specific conditions, consult with a veterinarian before using any medication.

How can I prevent my cat from getting infected with fleas and ticks?

The best recommendation veterinarians give to keep your cat safe is prevention. You can give your cat preventive fleas and ticks medications to prevent infestation by these insects.

Do expired fleas and tick medications still work?

Like any other medication, expired medications will have less effect. Therefore, always use medications that have not expired.

Do indoor cats need fleas and tick medications?

It is a misconception that indoor cats are not susceptible to this infestation. This is entirely false because these organisms not only exist in nature but can also settle anywhere and jump onto cats in suitable conditions.

Where can I buy the best flea and tick medications for cats?

When buying medication for your cat, you must be careful because it directly relates to their health. The Canine Cat Pharmacy carries the best brands, so you can use our services to buy the best and most powerful fleas and tick medicines for cats online throughout Kenya.(cat food)