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Buy Prescription Cat Medicine

In the Cat Pharmacy the Canine, you can purchase the highest quality prescription cat medicines without the need for a prescription for your sick cat. If you have a kitten or an adult cat of any breed, and you’ve taken them to a cat clinic where the veterinarian has diagnosed and prescribed medication, send us the prescription, and we will provide you with the best medications. For the best and cheapest prescription cat medicines across Kenya, you can use the online services of Cat Pharmacy the Canine. The best brands of medicines are available in this pharmacy and at your service. Our pharmacy consultants are always ready to guide you.

Types of Cat Diseases

If you are the owner of an adorable cat of any breed and love your cat dearly, you should be aware of cat diseases. Cats are very independent and intelligent animals, always caring for their health. If you pay attention, you’ll notice they dedicate a significant amount of time during the day to grooming themselves. Although cat diseases and problems are less common than in other pets, you must still be vigilant to prevent issues and treat any diagnosed illnesses promptly.

Fleas and thicks

These are tiny creatures that live as parasites, usually on plants and other animals, and can jump onto your cat, causing itching, redness, skin dryness, and infection.

Eyes and Ears

Our beloved cats often clean their eyes and ears, but we must always be vigilant about eye and ear diseases and infections. If you notice any symptoms, consult a veterinarian.

Skin and Coat

The first line of defense for cats is their skin and fur. The health and shine of these indicate the cat’s overall well-being, so we must be attentive to skin and fur diseases.

Worms and Parasites

These tiny creatures attack your cat from the outside, feeding on its blood. Worm and parasite diseases can cause infections and gastrointestinal issues in cats and must be treated promptly.


disease enters a cat’s bloodstream through insect bites and settles in the heart, causing heart disease and failure.

Digestive System

For various reasons, cats can lose the health of their stomach, intestines, and overall digestive system. This disease can lead to improper digestion and absorption of food, causing secondary problems that need quick treatment.

Urinary Tract and Kidneys

One of the most common diseases among cats, often affecting elderly and neutered cats. Immediate treatment by a veterinarian is necessary.

Blood Pressure

Common among elderly cats, high blood pressure can challenge their lives. Owners of such cats must consider treating their cat’s hypertension.


This disease causes severe joint pain in cats, which is usually more common in older cats. It can be very distressing for cats.

Treatment Methods for Cat Diseases

Now that we are familiar with cat diseases, we need to know the treatment methods. Note that under no circumstances should you give medicine to your sick cat without consulting a veterinarian. Cats have different conditions, and only a veterinarian can prescribe the right remedy. The cure method for cat diseases begins with a physical examination by the veterinarian. If necessary, blood tests, ultrasound, urine tests, and MRI may be used for a correct diagnosis. After the accurate diagnosis, the veterinarian prescribes a suitable drug and specifies the dosage and duration of the cat’s medication. This proper and systematic method is the basis for treating cat diseases.

Types of Cat Medicines

After the veterinarian diagnoses your cat’s illness and prescribes medication, you can order it through the Canine Cat Pharmacy. Some medications require a veterinarian’s prescription, while others can be purchased without one. Cat medicines come in various forms, such as tablets, capsules, chewables, ampoules, syrups, powders, ointments, gels, drops, serums, and liquids. The types of medicines commonly used for cats are listed in the table below:

Medication Type
Tick and Flea
Ear and Eye 
Skin and Coat 
Wormers, Parasiticides, and Anti-fungal
Heart and Blood Pressure 
Dental Care 
Vitamins and Electrolytes
Joint Care 
Pain Relief and Arthritis 
Allergy Relief 
Anxiety and Calming 
Gastrointestinal and Digestive Care 
Thyroid and Hormone 
Incontinence and Bladder Control 
Urinary Tract and Kidney Care


Despite cats’ emphasis on their hygiene, which can prevent many diseases, they still face physical challenges and inadequacies. To diagnose diseases, your cat must visit a veterinarian, who will diagnose the disease and issue a prescription. For purchasing the highest quality cat medicines nationwide in Kenya, you can use the online services of Pet Pharmacy the Canine, which offers both quality and affordability. This pharmacy sells medications for ticks and fleas, eye and ear care, skin and coat care, dewormers & parasiticides & anti-fungal, heartworm, vitamins and electrolytes, digestive care, joint care, and bandages at the best prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription from a veterinarian to buy cat medicine?

      • Many cat medicines require a veterinarian’s prescription, and you must provide one for purchase. However, some medications are available without a prescription.

What medicines can I give to my cat?

      • Medications are produced to treat various cat diseases, but you should never administer medicine to cats on your own. Veterinarians determine which medicines are suitable for cats.

How do I give medicine to my cat?

      • Some cats dislike taking medicine, but for the sake of treatment, you must administer it. Depending on the form of the medicine, use methods that hide it from the cat, such as placing pills in their food.

Where can I buy the best and safest cat medicines?

    • Purchasing medicine is a sensitive matter that can impact your cat’s life. You should buy medicine from a reliable pharmacy. The Canine Cat Pharmacy offers the best and highest quality cat medicines, and you can order online from anywhere in Kenya and the city of Nairobi.(cat food)